Spanish Classes

Come learn Spanish in a helpful and methodical environment! Classes cater to enthusiastic beginners, intermediate learners, and seasoned experts alike.

Beginner Classes are designed for those who have little or no knowledge of Spanish and want to change that. We start out with pronunciation and the basics of the language - we assume nothing and cover everything you'll need to start speaking Spanish.

The Intermediate Class is for those who have some past study behind them and want to continue. Students in this class are familiar with and comfortable using Spanish verbs and basic sentence structures, and they can identify basic vocabulary. This course introduces new verb conjugations and constructions, and puts increasing emphasis on speaking and writing in Spanish.

The Advanced Class is for students who have considerable knowledge of Spanish and want to hone their conversational skills. This class is taught in the "immersion" technique meaning that all of the classroom instruction is given in Spanish. Students will ask questions and dialog in Spanish with the instructor to practice speaking, and new language concepts will be introduced throughout the course.

Each course is structured around three principal phases: Introduction and Review; New Concepts and Skills; and Implementation Practice. The combination of each of these phases in sequence creates a sucessful learning experience. Professors combine classroom instruction with monthly informal practice sessions, class trips to local taco trucks and many other exciting experiences.

Lessons are held weekly, at several locations throughout Columbus, as well as in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

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